Jhené Aiko Shows Her Grace Under ‘The Pressure’

Jhene Aiko Pressure Still

They say fame isn’t for the faint of heart, and if you take notice of how many relationships falter under the flashing lights, it seems that it wreaks hell on one’s love life as well. With her Def Jam debut Souled Out on its way to stores soon, Jhené Aiko illustrates this point perfectly with the video for the set’s latest single, “The Pressure.” We see Jhené, rocking a new blonde and loc’d look and illustrating how her career and life sometimes don’t work together.

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Things are happy at first, with Jhené making music while getting some quality time with her daughter, Namiko, friends and honey. But as the demands of her career pick up, her personal life becomes a little strained. Eventually, Jhené finds herself feeling all alone and isolated as she deals with the pressures of her budding stardom. While I’m sure it’s not all as dreary as it seems, the honest lyrics and depiction here is why Ms. Aiko continues to gain a following. Check out “The Pressure” right here, and be sure to grab Souled Out when it’s released on September 9th.

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