Jessie J Is All Hot N' Bothered On 'Burnin' Up'


Jessie J is someone who is hit or miss with me, but mostly a miss. Not that she doesn't have a great voice, in fact, she served well collaborating with DJ Cassidy and Robin Thicke awhile back on the single, "Calling All Hearts." It's just that for the most part, her voice is applied to such mediocre music that it takes away from the powerful instrument she has. Maybe blowing out 28 candles this month and feeling the creak of my bones has made me that crotchety old woman who waves her (bedazzled) walking cane at the kids in my lawn these days, but I just don't get amused by songs like the girl gang stomper "Bang Bang," and I'm still feeling a bit frigid after the disappointment that Jessie's 2011 debut, Who You Are, brought.

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Well, maybe I need to lighten up and give Miss J another chance, and I'll start by taking a gamble on her newest endeavor, Sweet Talker. She's already courted the spark by announcing plans for a deluxe edition of the upcoming release (out October 13th), and has thus unleashed the Max Martin-produced single, "Burnin' Up" to promote the project further. Smart move.

The track is snappy, with percussion that crackles like licking flames, and a well-calculated guest flow from 2 Chainz that sharpens the edges of this pop scorcher. As always, Jessie J is ablaze vocally, but I have to agree with my SB colleague, D-Money, Jessie gets quite Aguilerian™  during the vocal runs and it gives me flashbacks of those "Ain't No Other Man" days. Still, in my world, I consider that comparison a compliment, and "Burnin' Up" in all of its uptempo and diva-packed fervor has hit single etched all over it. If Jessie J wasn't a well known voice Stateside, I can just bet we'll be hearing more of her holler as this track begins to heat up in the coming months.

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