Idris Elba To Pay Tribute To Nelson Mandela & South African Music Tradition With 'mi Mandela'


Aside from being an award-winning actor and an all-around dashing human being, Idris Elba, as we've come to know is also quite the music man. Usually his projects veer more into spoken word mixed with rapping and a little singing, which has been usually just okay to me considering I prefer to view his acting talents (among other things...*light cough*) on the big and little screen. Yet, his upcoming mi Mandela project, triggers some intrigue, as Elba will be paying tribute to South African music tradition in a unique and honorable way.

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It's with little doubt that the album's title and concept came into fruition while Elba stepped into the shoes of the legendary and inspirational South African leader Nelson Mandela for the 2013 flick, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, and Elba during a recent interview confirmed that, as well as mentioned that his love for South African music also sparked his creativity to craft an album around music and lyrics that he believes Mandela would have enjoyed. Elba isn't going at it totally alone as he's gathered together wide range of South African and British talents, such as Mavrick Sabre, James Blake and previous collaborator Mr Hudson to join in on the 11-track tribute.

You can listen to Mr. Elba tell you more about the album and how it spontaneously came together through a short interview via Parlophone Records. Just try not to get too distracted by that voice, and those eyes, and...what was I saying again...? Well, um, yeah, so mark those calendars if you want to take a little musical trip to South Africa as Idris Elba Presents: mi Mandela will be officially released November 24th.

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