Yam Who? Puts Some Boogie Into Little Dragon's 'Ritual Union'

Little Dragon Teal Background

Currently, it's Little Dragon's recent album, Nabuma Rubberband that's getting all the remix love. But lest we forget that the crew has been putting musical hotness for the better part of a decade now, one of our favorite remixers, Yam Who?, brings us a remix of LD's "Ritual Union," the title track from their previous release. The original was a New Wave study about the downside of marriage, a depressing subject made upbeat by the group's quirky production and playful aesthetic. Similarly, Yam Who? makes the subject light by putting some boogie in its shoes.

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His take, which he's dubbed as a "Yam Who? Boogie Rework," adds a heavy synth bass and disco-esque production to the mix along with synthesized keys and strings to add a bit of emotional weight along with LD singer Yukimi Nagano's haunting vocal. What results is a dance floor-ready groove that still retains the emotional core of the original. Yam Who? is offering up this jam for the low, low price of free, so we definitely encourage you to take advantage of his kindness...after you check out the track right here, of course.

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