Sheila E. Marches To The Beat Of Her 'Own Drum' On 'Lovely Day'


As she gets set to release her memoir, percussionist and singer Sheila E. shares the visuals for her track "Lovely Day" from her album, ICON. Perhaps in preparation for the release of the book, Beat of My Own Drum, on September 2nd, and all the secrets it will spill -- such setting the record steaight about her long-rumored engagement to Prince -- "Lovely Day" declares that Shelia. E is happy with her life choices, the highs, the lows and where she is today.

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The visuals for the feel-good track see Sheila basking in the sunshine, frolicking on a beach, driving her car with the top down, strolling in a park and admiring the beauty of flowers. All of those little things most of us forget to do because we are too busy with the 9-to-5 grind. While all the elation and happiness in "Lovely Day" might be too sugary sweet for some to swallow, this declaration of joy, set to an upbeat pop rhythm with horn accents and subtle percussion, is as catchy as hell is hot. So it's likely to wear down even the most bitter of music lovers, at least for the duration of this summertime jam.

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