Redman Raps & Sings About That Sticky Icky In 'Good Kisser' Remake


While we've had our fair share of remixes for Usher's "Good Kisser," nothing quite compares to the passion in Redman's remake. In "Bud Like You" Redman sits at his dining table and affectionately spits an ode to the herb. When he can't get his dealer on the phone, the rapper disses your distributor  and then goes on to list his favorite strains of marijuana. While he's mostly known for dropping energetic bars, his vocals aren't half bad on the chorus as he croons, "don't no bud get me high like you, don't no bud get me high like you."

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The no-budget video is perfect for the track and also serves as a promotional tool for the rapper's upcoming mixtape Muddy Waters 2, which is set to be released next month. At the end of the visuals, he has a lady friend roll up his next hit, and he dedicates the song to "all the smokers out there." So whether you see green or not and the single becomes the theme song for our friends in Colorado, is "Bud Like You" hitting on something or too weak for your system?

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