Rahsaan Patterson Teases & Pleases With 'ForeverMyDarlin'' Snippet


It's been three years since Rahsaan Patterson had us in a state of bleuphoria with his last album, and now he's giving us fever with a snippet of a new track, "ForeverMyDarlin'." Patterson slipped this 57-second slice of soul onto his SoundCloud page, and fans have been clamoring for more. Rightly so, because this track is a serious groove in the making with its sample of The O'Jays' "Darlin' Darlin' Baby (Sweet, Tender, Love)."

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Rahsaan's use of this O'Jays' classic may just breathe another life into the song like Big Pun's "I'm Not A Player" did in 1998. Instead of explicit lyrics about his sexual prowess, though, Patterson sings, "Forever my darlin', you're gonna get more than, you ever have bargained for." Then again, with those lyrics maybe this song is about his bedroom behavior? Well, hopefully we'll find out exactly what "ForeverMyDarlin'" is all about with a completed version soon. In the meantime, we'll just play this musical morsel in a continuous loop to satisfying our Rahsaan Patterson craving.

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