'Nothing Can Stop' Ce Ce Peniston

Ce Ce Peniston2

Ce Ce Peniston isn’t fazed by summer being half over. Instead of complaining about the disappearing season, she’s complementing it and building buzz for a promised forthcoming album with the release of a lyric video for “Nothing Can Stop Me.” The breezy track is lighthearted and full of that feel-good stuff the summer is made of. At the same time, it delivers an inspiring message of empowerment and references one of her most iconic hits (“They just need to keep on walkin’” — and if you don't get that reference, check out Ce Ce's contribution to SoulBounce's Class of  1992).

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With enough thump to be recognized as a Peniston floor-filler, “Nothing” gets jazzy, but makes plenty of nods to the house classics she’s produced in recent years. Despite having a little touch of the keys, disco-reminiscent tones and a few acoustic elements, there’s no denying the inner “Finally” and “We Got a Love Thang” found in “Nothing Can Stop Me.”

The light and airy cut is also different in its presentation than most lyric videos, with the sing-along words scrolling upward rather than flashing or some other “artistic” display of the lyrics. Accompanying them are sassy and welcoming pictures of Ce Ce donning fun outfits and a big smile.

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If the track sounds familiar, you probably heard it on OhsoKool’s R&B Is Not Dead Vol. 1 mix. If your head was nodding then, you’ll likely get up and groove at future barbecues and block parties, as Ce Ce shows it's not too late to chase the Song of Summer title.

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