Mystic Leads A 'Beautiful Resistance' With Album Cover Art & Tracklist


When 2014 comes to a close, one of the most compelling comeback stories of the year might just belong to Mystic. The rapper/singer/songwriter has returned to the music scene after a prolonged absence to learn, love and live, and from the quality of the cuts we're heard from her thus far, she hasn't missed a beat while she's been missed. The project from which we've been hearing bits and pieces of in the form of the tracks "Cali Cruisin'" and "Clean Paper" is the album Beautiful Resistance. The album will be released on August 26th via the W.A.R. Media label, and while we wait Mystic is giving us a peek at the cover art and tracklist.

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The Beautiful Resistance cover features artwork that depicts a city in turmoil, with buildings burning and smoke billowing in the air. In the foreground is a woman with flowers in her hair standing on a grassy cliff overlooking the city with her arms outstretched, leaning forward as if she is about to fly instead of fall. It's an intriguing image on what appears to be an even more interesting collection of music that features guest appearances from Hezekiah, emoniFela (where has she been?) and Eligh, who also produced the majority of the tracks with additional production from Zinndeadly, Adamatic, Pollyn and The Beatminerz.

Between now through August 26th, Mystic is releasing bonus cuts from Beautiful Resistance for free download on W.A.R. Media's SoundCloud. Check out the entire tracklist below to see what other treasures await when Beautiful Resistance finally arrives.

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Mystic Beautiful Resistance tracklist

01. Mommalove (Intro) featuring emoniFela (produced by Eligh)
02. Absence of Color featuring Hezekiah (produced by Zinndeadly)
03. Where I’m From (The Anthem) (produced by Eligh)
04. Clean Paper * (produced by Eligh)
05. Beautiful Resistance (produced by Eligh)
06. Intermission (produced by Adamatic)
07. Cali Cruisin’ * (produced by Eligh)
08. Higher Ground (produced by Zinndeadly)
09. Reach Out For Me * (produced by The Beatminerz)
10. Eyes of Diamonds (A Fairytale) (produced by Eligh)
11. Country Roads * (produced by Eligh)
12. Worth Saving (produced by Pollyn)
13. Grown (Lushly Bangin’) featuring Eligh (produced by Eligh)
14. Payback (La, La, La…) (produced by Eligh)
15. Love, Mommalove (Outro) (produced by Eligh)

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*Bonus songs given as free downloads and not part of album for sale

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