Mariah Carey's 'Meteorite' Soars At The 2014 World Music Awards

Mariah Carey World Music Awards 2014

Despite being taped way back in May and even being announced on NBC's programming lineup, this year's World Music Awards was unfortunately never broadcast in the US for unexplained reasons. While normally not mentioned among the pantheon of great awards shows (The GRAMMYS, The Oscars, etc.), the show is usually good for a few great performances when it does air. Case in point, pop/R&B diva Mariah Carey opened up the whole shebang this year with her should-be single "Meteorite." Luckily for us, someone broadcast the show over the weekend, and we can now view the singer's performance on the Internet.

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In true Mariah fashion, her performance was a divalicious affair full of glitter, feathers, fireworks and high notes as Mariah and her cadre of dancers worked it out for the crowd with the Q-Tip-produced single. Mariah, of course, didn't move around much (as she is often wont to do), and let the fellas dance, skate and roll around her while she took care of the high notes and even provided what seemed like a live vocal (no shade).

Though it's a crying shame that those of us in the States didn't get to see this on TV screens, at least we get to enjoy it now.

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