Mack Wilds Is Hoping You Give In On ‘Don’t Turn Me Down’


Mack WildsNew York: A Love Story saga continues with the release of the next music video to continue the love (and lust) story that has built up over the course of “Own It,” “Henny” and “My Crib.” That’s exactly where we catch up with Mr. Wilds and the pretty young thing who’s got him open on day four in the “Don’t Turn Me Down” visuals.

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Mack has convinced her to come over to his place, and they take a ride there on his motorcycle. Thought bubbles pop up on screen that show what each of them is really thinking while they both try to play it cool. Sexual tension builds as they ride up in the elevator and later as they sit on the couch, and Mack pleads his case for her to give in to her desires, too. In the midst of hugging, kissing and touching, she decides to put her foot on the brakes to slow things down, much to Mack’s dismay.

He keeps singing “Don’t Turn Me Down” in the hopes that she’ll change her mind and slip out of her clothes, but she makes her move to the door instead. Damn. Mack looks as bewildered as the viewer will be when they watch and see him shirtless dripping with sex appeal in solo scenes throughout the video.

Although he seems to have lost his chance with this young lady, another — who turns out to be his ex — soon pops up and knocks on his door. Will she get the experience the pleasure that the one who left missed out on or will Mack stay alone in his feelings? Watch to see how this all plays out and how he plays it.

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