Ledisi Illustrates Her Point 'Like This' In Her Lyric Video

Ledisi Like This LV Still

After a tour that saw her hit the road from coast to coast and quite a few places in between, Ledisi is ready to promote the latest single being lifted from The Truth, "Like This." By the looks of her constantly updated Instagram profile, the singer is already putting the finishing touches on the track's video. But, in the meantime, she's helping ease the wait with the song's lyric video.

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Set up in an intimate, computer-animated living room, the lyrics for the track are displayed like art above the mantel as Ledisi's sweet voice serenades us. It's a nice treatment lyric video wise, although we definitely wish there was a bit more to the concept (many other lyric videos have evolved to be almost as good, if not better, than the actual videos for the songs these days, so maybe we're a bit spoiled). That being said, this definitely has us ready to see what she's going to bring when the actual video for "Like This" drops.

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