Kindred The Family Soul Open Their Circle Of ‘Friends’ To Valerie Simpson


Kindred the Family Soul are always so warm and inviting with their brand of soulfulness, and with their latest release, A Couple Friends, they continue to sing straight from the heart. While we got an uplifting groove out of “Everybody’s Hustling,” the album’s title track takes things down a more reflective notch, to where they lovingly and poignantly sing about their relationship, and how even though they have disagreements and rough patches, they still know that being friends before lovers helps keep their family tight. Their message is exemplified stronger with the visual itself as it unfolds like a family photo album as the Philly couple share adorable snapshots of them and their brood throughout the years.

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While it’s always a family affair with these two, Valerie Simpson (who we all know is from another famous musical couple, Ashford & Simpson) joins in to tickle on the ivories and she seamlessly falls into the fold, noting that family is sometimes deeper than namesake alone.

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