Kaytranada Says 'Leave Me Alone,' But We Can't

Kaytranada All Black Kitty Cat

Kaytranada is perhaps best known for his future soul remixes of familiar tracks and maybe even some of his productions for other artists. While everything he seems to touch automatically rises into the upper echelon of dopeness, we should also be on the look out for his own solo material as well. (Remember "At All"? #JAM)

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The Canadian wonder producer is gearing up for the release of his new EP, So Bad, and has let loose a formidable force with the set's first single, "Leave Me Alone." Featuring the vocal stylings of Shay Lia, it's another official Kaytra jam. His now signature elastic synth bass sound coupled with an 808 knock is here, and he embellishes it with a little piano, some hand claps, a skittering organ riff and found samples. What results from all that is a soulful, shuffling groove that fuses elements of house and R&B to form something altogether different than its parts. All the while, Shay Lia's soft, whispery vocals leading us through the melange of sounds, creating a soft, calming center for us to find a home in. In other words, this one goes.

"Leave Me Alone" is available for purchase now on iTunes and the So Bad EP is set for release this fall. As well, Kaytra will be hitting the road to bring his sound and DJ skills to the people, with tickets available via his Facebook page. Exciting, isn't it? While you try to calm yourself, go ahead and check out "Leave Me Alone" right here, right now.

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