Jhené Aiko Shares What's On Her 'Spotless Mind'


Jhené Aiko's Souled Out is sounding like it's going to be the chilled out soundtrack for the latter half of the year. Yet another new song from the songbird has surfaced for us to vibe out to with the track "Spotless Mind." The song isn't on the current Souled Out tracklist, but it is rumored to be included on the album's deluxe version. We sincerely hope that is the case because we're in need of this soothing bit of soul that Jhené and producer No I.D. have crafted.

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The twang of a guitar meets a drum machine beat and other electronic touches on "Spotless Mind," while Aiko softly sings about being a wanderer. Not one to be tied down, she lets the one who she's singing to know that their time together was nice but that time is up. "Shame on me for changing, shame on you for staying the same," she repeats on the bridge. That might just be the sweetest read we've ever heard. We'll find out if this song makes the Souled Out deluxe edition cut (and it should) when the album is released on September 9th.

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