Jessie Ware Gets All Our Love With 'Say You Love Me'

Jessie Ware Topknot Stairs

Jessie Ware may not be dropping Tough Love until October, but she's keeping us salivating for it with the barrage of singles she's released from the project. Besides the title track and the recent "Share It All," Jessie's giving us third single, "Say You Love Me." It's another soothing song from the singer, but this time it's dealing with a bit of heartbreak as Jessie's looking for those three little words before love fades away.

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Her soft, tender vocal is paired mostly with a simple guitar here, adding a slight bit of country feeling to an otherwise adult contemporary sound. But, just when we think the song will go quietly into the night, it builds near the end to an emotional crescendo and a choir is introduced, upping the emotional ante and giving Jessie some time to flex her vocal chops even more before ending the song as it began: quiet and resonant.

"Say You Love Me," which is available for pre-order on iTunes, is yet another reason to to pick up Tough Love, which the singer is offering up for pre-order in a regular and deluxe edition as well as a vinyl version on her website, and has us anxious to see what she's going to bring when she swings our way during her fall tour. But until these things come to pass, we're more than content to simply listen to the beauty she's created with this track.

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