J*DaVey Get Caught Up In 'The Ruins'


Super duo J*DaVeY took our breaths away with their last single "Deadly" and now Miss Jack Davey and Brook D'Leau are helping us get our lives back with "The Ruins." Their latest single from the much-anticipated Rookie project delivers a mysterious and ominous track about a roller coaster relationship. Miss JD starts the track singing sweetly and later transitions to rapping about her particular significant other. While electronic beats work hand in hand to support her vocals, hypnotic percussion maintains the track's hip-hop groove.

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Be sure to stay on their crazy ride until the end of the song, which experiments with some trip hop as Miss Jack Davey sings, "I don't wanna do it, I don't wanna do it, leave you caught up in the ruins. I don't wanna bring you, down," before the track abruptly ends. If you want to get caught up even more in J*DaVeY's "The Ruins," you can download the track from their SoundCloud.

The duo also have a trippy "visualizer" for the track that you can watch to see Jack and Brook hanging in a car or on the beach with multiple video filters used to colorful effect. We're not quite sure the connection of the visual to the audio, but just press play and zone all the way out to the pretty colors.

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