Georgia Anne Muldrow Gets Creative In ‘These Worlds’


We get up close and personal with the creative process in the visuals for Georgia Anne Muldrow‘s latest offering, “These Worlds.” The video, produced by Danish producer and videographer Kriswontwofeatures the singer in the studio writing and recording the track from her latest EP, Ms.One. The visuals begin with 20 seconds of raw, a cappella vocals from Georgia whose voice is as sweet as a lullaby. With shots purposely out of focus and grainy video of Georgia writing, laying down her vocals and checking her levels, an overlay of her conscious lyrics appears on the screen during the chorus. The already complex track, also produced by Kriswontwo, gets a simple video so we can focus on Georgia’s talent.

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The track itself lauds the creativity of human beings in the cosmic worlds that when sung by Georgia seems just as genuine and real as her energy. Whether rapping or singing, this creative soul can pretty much do no wrong in our eyes. Watch and listen to Georgia record “These Worlds,” and let us know if the video and track take you to new heights or leave you on the ground.

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