Friend Within Takes Full Crate x Mar's 'Man x Woman' For A Spin


We've been fans of Full Crate x Mar from way back and have happily watched their rise to prominence, with this being the biggest year of their careers thus far thanks to their signing with Island Records and the popularity of their single "Man x Woman". The song dropped in January and got a boost this summer with the release of the captivating music video. The "Man x Woman" push hasn't ended there, with a slew of new remixes surfacing for the track to keep us moving and grooving until the song's official September 14th release date on iTunes.

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We've already heard GANZ's trap soul take on the track, and now Friend Within gets his hands on it and pumps up the jam. "Man x Woman" was already soulful house gold, and Friend Within turns it into platinum with his dance floor and soul clap-ready deep house remix. Much like what caught our attention with his sickening remix of Disclosure's "Mechanism," Friend punches up the percussion, adds keys and synths and increases the tempo to give it a '90s house music throwback appeal. This remix is jack-your-body certified.

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