Ella Eyre Makes An Explosive 'Comeback'


Revenge can be really sweet, but just not in this video. British songstress Ella Eyre is making it clear that she's not the one to mess with as she teaches a cheating ex-beau a lesson in the visuals for "Comeback." The video opens with a diner scene and a weak apology from Ella's ex as she drifts off into her own thoughts. The scene switches to Ella and her friends sitting in a car outside of his house and watching him leave with another woman looking quite happy. The two of them drive off and Ella and her crew spring into action raiding the unlucky ex's home. They literally rip anything that can tear and smash anything that can break, and have a great time doing it. Yes, they even pluck the feathers from his pillows, because cheaters. Ella confidently sings "let that motherf**ker burn" and it (read: his car) all goes up in flames when she has a modern day Waiting To Exhale moment.

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Just like the video, the single itself is a banger, but you'll have to wait until September 28th for the official download. In the meantime you can use her video for your cathartic purposes but don't try this for yourself -- that's what's called destruction of property. So, will you come back to hear more from Ella Eyre or did the songstress scare you off?

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