Elijah Blake Breathes New Life Into B. Slade's 'Six Years Old'

Elijah Blake 6 Video

Just a little over one year ago, we got all teary-eyed over B. Slade’s childhood memories as he poured his heart out in a song titled “Six Years Old” off of his My September Issue album. Little did we know we would soon hear the song again and on an even grander scale. Roc Nation soul star Elijah Blake is preparing us all for the release of his forthcoming Drift EP and in doing so he has graced us with the first single, which just so happens to be his take on B. Slade’s awe-striking ballad. Simply calling it “6,” Blake acknowledges the fact that his childhood wasn’t the easiest and the effect that it has on him now, with the help of production from No I.D. and James Poyser.

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Along with the already theatrical song, Blake has an accompanying dramatic video that perfectly visualizes the memories and flashbacks brought up during this expressive number. To top it all off, this video finds “6” fading into an even darker song called “Fallen” which allows you to hear Blake and Slade riff, run, hoot and holler together in the churchiest manner. Elijah Blake’s Drift EP is slated to drop this coming September and if it will include more of this raw emotion and spirited singing, than we will certainly be on board to hear it.

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