Body Language Illuminate With ‘Infinite Sunshine’


Known for their eclectic and electronic fervor Brooklyn-based quartet Body Language are back and are basking in the glow of disco lights for their latest EP, Infinite Sunshine. With previous releases Social Studies and last year’s Grammar, Body Language strove to revive the New Wavish side of the ’80s with a little ’90s kid know-how in the mix, but for Infinite Sunshine they take things to a futuristic Funkytown that supremely evokes the disco-meets-house revival spirit of current.

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Chock-filled with cosmic climbing synths, three out of the five tracks are semi-instrumentals that possess looping spurts of lyricals that give this short set a sort of Daft Punk gloss. Yet things become uniquely them by the time the finger-snaps pop on “4Real” and the irresistible title track come into play, as lead vocalist Angelica Bess charmingly coos and brings a little lushness to balance out the stark club chugs of “Feel It” and opener “When You Left.” So if you’re into spacey disco and soulfully-tinged indie pop, then Body Language is offering the set for free over at their Bandcamp spot, and at that low price everybody should have no trouble loving this kind of sunshine.

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