Banks Continues 'Beggin For Thread' On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Banks Jimmy Kimmel Live Still

With her Goddess nearly ready to wash up on our shores, chilly alt-R&B diva Banks has taken to the promotional trail to lay the groundwork for the album's reception. Her latest promotional stop found her making her television debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. While that kind of milestone would have any artist a little shook, Banks was still able to keep her icy cool intact as she performed her latest single, "Beggin For Thread."

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It was definitely a better choice for her debut, as the song is by far her most mainstream selection of the songs she's released from Goddess thus far. Rocking her best, all-black Goth couture, she worked the stage and the California crowd as she performed the track. And, surprise, surprise, the queen of icy cool even managed to crack a smile or two during her set as the crowd gave her a relatively large amount of love during her showing.

Will her performance here translate into album sales? That remains to be seen when Goddess drops in a month — it arrives in stores on September 8th in the UK and September 9th stateside. Until then, watch Banks do her thing on the stage right here.

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