Mystic Sings About Love On 'Clean Paper'

Mystic Leather Fringe Gold Chains

Though we might've just gotten wind of Mystic's return with her single "Cali Cruisin'," the Bay Area rapper and singer is rolling full steam ahead with her upcoming album Beautiful Resistance. To that effect, she's released another new single, "Clean Paper," in anticipation of the album's August 26th release. Like "Cali Crusin'," "Clean Paper" is produced by Eligh and has a laid back, Cali feel to the vibe. This is aided with lilting Spanish guitar, bongos, twinkling keys and even a warm bit of saxophone  However, Mystic exchanges her flows for vocals here as she sings seriously about letting go of a love that causes more harm than good.

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"We all should love and be loved in ways that do not hurt; this begins with truly loving ourselves," Mystic says of the song. "So, this is a love song, a prayer, and an honest conversation with myself that I decided to share with you."

The singer plans to release two more tracks from Beautiful Resistance before it's available to the masses. While we anticipate what she has in store for us, check out "Clean Paper" right here and be sure to grab the free download that Mystic is offering.

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