Yam Who? Reworks A DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince 'Summertime' Classic


It's almost August, and the dreadful back to school commercials are popping up everywhere, but summer ain't over just yet! We still have well over a month left to enjoy the warm days and nights of summer vacation before it's back to business in the fall. So, what better way to celebrate this season than to jam to the best summer anthem that has ever graced our ears? We all know that it is not truly summer until the DJ plays the '90s classic "Summertime" by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. The timeless favorite of many is a necessary requirement for all parties -- block, pool and rooftop -- and family functions.

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Yam Who?, a London-based DJ, producer and remixer who has a talent for reworking classics, took Jeff and Will's record for a spin and developed an extended mix of "Summertime" that is made for the dance floor. His "2014 Reprise Mix" enhances the smooth feel-good groove that we all loved in the original with additional levels of music that embody the Philly soul sound perfectly. Take a listen to the reworking and don't be surprise when you hit repeat more than once. If you're really feeling it, head over to his SoundCloud for a free download.

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