'Spend The Night' Or A Few Minutes Watching Dave Hollister's Lyric Video


We love when (some of) you sing along to a good song, but we can't respect you when you get the words wrong. And neither can Dave Hollister, who just released the lyric video for his latest single, "Spend the Night." We already reviewed this crooner's single, so you know what to expect from the song, but now you can get into the romantic lyrics. With a shimmery backdrop, this video is giving you pick-up line gold with lyrics like, "All I wanna do is spend the night with you, spend the night for the rest of my life."

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Let's be honest, everyone wants to spend the night, but for the rest of their lives? That's another level of R&B romancing right there. Don't delay on what could be a budding situationship with your current or next significant other, purchase "Spend the Night" on iTunes right now. Before you do, though, watch the video and learn these here lyrics, and let's see what else Dave Hollister comes up with when his new album debuts this fall.

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