Raekwon Takes On Sylvia Striplin's 'Give Me Your Love'

Raekwon-Give Me Your Love

To show his appreciation for classic jams of yesteryear, Raekwon has been releasing a remix of himself spitting a new verse on an old school track each week for the past few weeks. So far, his "Throwback Thursday" series had included personal interpretations of slow jams from The Isley Brothers, Teena Marie and The Spinners. This week, Raekwon decided to take on "Give Me Your Love," a 1980s disco throwback by Sylvia Striplin. The rapper opened his rendition with a rhyme about a fly lady that has caught his attention before letting Sylvia handle the rest.

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It's interesting to hear the Wu-Tang Clan member on the groovy track, but somehow it works. If you are so inclined to hear the other installments of his "Throwback Thursday" series, check them out on SoundCloud.

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