Night Marks Electric Trio & Ab Encourage You To ‘Walk Inside Your Dreams’


Soul music knows no boundaries nor limits. So universal is its appeal, and fresh from Poland comes the group Night Marks Electric Trio, a threesome who paint soundscapes of neo-soul, hip-hop and electro-influenced tracks. Having already released their first single “Glorious Tune” featuring Raashan Ahmad, they drop another original piece from their forthcoming debut EP, “Walk Inside Your Dreams” featuring the vocals of SoulBounce fave Aaron “Ab” Abernathy, into our eager laps. Starting out ethereal, high-pitched vocals before giving way to subtle piano and a stuttering beat, it hits a tone that shows off Ab’s falsetto stylings beautifully. Allied with lyrics filled with fatherly advice to “be all that you can be” and “don’t leave nothing on the table,” this tune will uplift, encourage and take a long “Walk Inside Your Dreams.”

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