Mayer Hawthorne & Detroit Swindle Reach For 'The Stars' On This Remix


Mayer Hawthorne and his brand of yacht soul made waves last year with the release of his third album, Where Does This Door Go?. While things have been fairly quiet on the solo front since then, new life gets breathed into one of the album's cuts, "The Stars Are Ours," thanks to a new remix from Detroit Swindle.

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Though the Pharrell Williams-produced original feels more like arena rock than anything, Detroit Swindle completely upends it, turning the song into a good ol' fashioned house track. The Amsterdam-based duo strip away most of the song's lyrics, instead leaning heavily on bits and pieces of the hook and the funky track they crafted. While "The Stars Are Ours" was one of my least favorite from Where Does This Door Go?, but in Detroit Swindle's hands, I can't stop reaching for the repeat button.

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