Marsha Ambrosius Makes A 'Run' For It On 'Conan'

Marsha Ambrosius Conan Still

Marsha Ambrosius is elebrating the release of her sophomore album, Friends & Lovers, this week. To mark the occasion, the British R&B star took to TBS' Conan to perform the set's heart-string-pulling ballad "Run" as part of the show's Summer Music Series. Looking stunning in a black-and-white print dress, the singer took center stage backed only by her band as she sung the regret-filled filled track dedicated to an ex that she just can't seem to get over.

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Vocally, Marsha was on point, delivering emotion and effortless range as she sang, much to the delight of the audience. Even Conan O'Brien himself was impressed, effusing praise and thanking Marsha after she hit the final notes. You can see for yourself what had Conan so thankful when you check out the performance right here. And be sure to pick up Friends & Lovers, which is available now on Amazon and iTunes.

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