Jagged Edge Gives Us ‘Hope’ And A Little Drama

Jagged Edge Hope Video Still

After the announcement of their return to music and the release of their new single, “Hope,” fans of Jagged Edge have been waiting to finally get a proper video for the song. Though the release of the lyric video, featuring fan photos tand behind-the-scenes looks at the group, might have tided fans over, we’re sure that the release of the official clip will be welcomed with open arms.

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Starting with a bizarre bar scene (that lasts way too long) in which the members and producer Bryan-Michael Cox get into a brawl with another crew of guys over a spilled drink, it eventually gets to the main event as we see the fellas harmonizing on rooftop landing pads, in airplane hangars and against a black background as they spread their message of love. While ladies are featured sparingly in the clip, and in ways in which they don’t actually interact with any of the group members, it’s mostly an all JE affair as the boys showcase what the fans really want: the fellas and their heartfelt vocals.

The clip could’ve definitely used a dash of plot and continuity, but it’s still a pretty good return for the quartet. If you’ve been waiting to see what JE’s been up to, go ahead and press play to get yourself reacquainted.

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