Invoker Takes Aaliyah's 'Boat' To A Different Shore

Aaliyah Glossy Lip

French producer Invoker had us impressed with his deep house take on Beyoncé's raunchy banger "Partition," so of course we've been keeping him on our radar. Good thing we did, as the producer has released some new hotness in the form of a remix of Aaliyah's timeless classic "Rock the Boat."

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While many remixes of this track have come in the 13 years since it's initial release, it seems to be a favorite among producers, and Invoker shows us why. He lifts the vocals from the island-tinged original, chops them a bit and then places them atop a bass-heavy downtempo, lo-fi beat that simmers, building and releasing momentum to create a delicious tension for listeners to enjoy. While perhaps miles away from Aaliyah's original, it still manages to deliver the same sensuality, maybe even more so, as the groove that Invoker has created is a bit more intimate.

Like his "Partition" remix, this particular rework is a part of Invoker's Summer 2014 remix collection and is available for free download. But before you click that link, get a load of what the producer's done to "Rock the Boat" by pressing play.

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