Heston Is Ready To 'Resign 2 U' With A Little Help From Reel People


SoulBounce favorites Reel People have sprinkled their magical funky fairy dust on Heston's "Resign 2 U" taken from his most recent album release, Love Junkie, and they've added extra thump to get this beauty ready for the dance floor. This mid-tempo groove is like musical crack to me; I just can't get enough of it. With this remix Reel People have kept the original's organ and scratchy guitar and pushed Heston's vocal even further up in the mix. That can only ever be a good thing, as his voice soothes and seduces in equal measure. Heston's Love Junkie is out now and this "Resign 2 U" remix is on its way to purchase soon, but in the between time you can enjoy both the original and the "Reel People Vocal Mix" right here.

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