emaé's Debut Single Is 'Something Beautiful'


Scottish-born singer emaé wants us to feel love — real, imperfect love —and that's what her debut single, "Something Beautiful," is all about. From her luscious vocals to the sweet harmonies to the folky guitar and rolling drums, this song imparts an all-encompassing feeling of love. Don't get me wrong, this is not soppy, cheesy love, but real, tangible love. The kind that's in everything around us.

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The lyric video accompanying the song shows the making of the single cover, with emaé's beautiful smile ever present, only adding to the song's feel-good quality. If you're doubting the almost magical ability of "Something Beautiful" to make you smile, then press play on the video below, and I'm sure you'll not only be left with a smile, but also with a strong desire to head over to Bandcamp to purchase this number for yourself.

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