Boyz II Men Say ‘Yes Yes Yes’ To New Wendy’s Commercial

Boyz II Men Wendy's 2

Boyz II Men spent an impressive 50 weeks in the No. 1 spot of Billboard’s Hot 100 during the ’90s. So how does an act that broke a record held by Elvis Presley for nearly 40 years (with “End of the Road,” which held onto No. 1 for 13 weeks in 1992), then surpassed its own streak (with “I’ll Make Love to You” in 1994) and then conquered the chart with the longest run in history (with the Mariah Carey collabo “One Sweet Day”) top itself?

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By starring in an ad for Wendy’s, and singing tweets and Facebook posts from customers about a pretzel-flavored hamburger bun…right?

Whether it’s the next step in career longevity or because the rent is due, the safest, most lovable and definitely the most squeaky-clean ’90s male R&B act has gone totally commercial by starring in one, singing “Yes Yes Yes (A Wendy’s Pretzel Love Song Encore).”

Has it really come to this, I pondered as I watched with a heavy heart and echoes of “crispy chicken, fresh lettuce, three cheeses” ringing in my ears.

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Then I thought it was clever how the group’s singing “Om nom nom” sonically referenced the “doom doom doom da da” refrain from “Motownphilly” off Cooleyhighharmony. I soon became convinced that the quartet-turned-trio transformed Internet lingo and emojis into a semi-coherent track. I realized the guys’ talent was just as present as it had ever been before — their focus just…shifted a little bit.

The video is corny, which was a trait often applied to B2M throughout their reign. If you’re not salivating to make a burger run after watching the clip, you’ll at least come away with a laugh.

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