Ari Lennox & Dave James Have A Summer Fling On 'Whatever We Are'


Summer is a lot of things. It's a lot of sunburns, bug bites and, oh yeah, there's a lot of romance floating amid the oven hot waves of the season. Yes, this season is notorious for star-crossed lovers, two ships passing in the night, well, you get the gist. You could be strolling along the beach, catch the eye of some guy or girl, and whammo! instant attraction. Well, isn't that how it goes? I mean, I wouldn't know, as yours truly has unfortunately never fallen in love in the heatwaves of summer and just learns these things from the daily deal romances on my Kindle. I also learn that this happens from songs, and even a perpetual single like myself can appreciate an ol' love croon from under the summer sun, especially if its good.

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Ari Lennox and Dave James provide such a song as they team up for the sentimental "Whatever We Are." The two get real steamy on this, so steamy in fact, that the ocean behind them is gonna boil, but they probably couldn't care less as they fall in love amid the lush guitar strums and drum patters. In honesty, I consider "Whatever We Are" better than a paperback/e-book romance as their vocals paint their affair so convincingly. So if you're lucky to find that special someone or just love to do a little wishful thinking, let these two show you how the lovey-dovey is done.

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