Anthony Valadez Makes Some Adjustments To Electric Wire Hustle’s ‘Bottom Line’

Electric Wire Hustle Silhouette

With the release of their upcoming full length, Love Can Prevail, getting closer and closer, duo Electric Wire Hustle still have a bit more to share from their recent EP, If These Are the Last Days. Producer Anthony Valadez has gotten his hands on the EP’strack “Bottom Line” and has given it a remix that you’ll definitely want to hear.

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Gone are the keys and frenetic drums of the original and the electro-groove and hand claps of Flako‘s remix. They are replaced by strings and lush Rhodes that emphasize the emotion in Mara TK‘s outstanding vocals on this track. Coupled with the more traditional drum track, Mr. Valadez has transformed “Bottom Line” from contemplative to an intimate, almost bedroom-ready groove.

We’re sure that there’s plenty more to come when Love Can Prevail finally lands in our laps, but until then, we’re more than happy to ride out to this particular mellow smooth groove. Get yourself some chill when you press play.

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