Robin Thicke Tries To Win 'Paula' Back At the BET Awards '14


Though awards were being handed out left and right at last night's BET Awards '14, the only thing Robin Thicke was concerned about winning was another shot to make it right with his estranged wife, actress Paula Patton. The singer took the stage to perform his mea culpa, the piano-driven "Forever Love." Looking decidely tan for someone longing for his love to come back, Thicke dedicated the performance to Patton and issued an apology before launching into the song.

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While I'm a sucker for love as much as the next man, I can't help feeling that the public manner in which Thicke is pleading for a second chance is nothing more than a strategic marketing ploy for album sales. I don't doubt that he wants to make it work with his wife; however, I feel that the wooing and apologies are best suited for behind closed doors in the office of a marriage counselor than on the stage during one of music's biggest nights.

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