Marsha Ambrosius Gives Us Hope To Carry On In 'Run'


On its own, Marsha Ambrosius' current single, "Run," is a heartstring-tugging affair, and coupled with the music video, you may find yourself in a puddle of emotion by its end. However, any tears you shed may just be tears of joy. You see, Marsha may be singing about a love that she had to set free on "Run," but the visuals go much deeper.

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The video opens up with a schoolgirl sitting atop the washers and dryers at a laundromat before it cuts to a scene of a young man sitting naked in a bathtub. We then see Ambrosius singing with her back to a piano while singing her sad song. We're then introduced to scenes of more unknown people looking broke, busted and disgusted. But as Marsha continues singing and the song builds, we see exactly why each individual is so downtrodden as their issues and how they will overcome them are illustrated on screen.   "Run," both the song and the video, are a powerful testament that trouble doesn't last always and to find the strength within to carry on -- with your love and your life.

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