M-Phazes Adds A Little Nostalgia To Kimbra’s ’90s Music’


If you thought Kimbra‘s latest for her upcoming The Golden Echo project, “90s Music” was missing a little, um, well, ’90s flavor, then M-Phazes has done an appreciated remodeling job on his refix. When I say this an overhaul to the tenth power, you better believe I’m not kidding as M-Phazes has completely transformed this track into a spanking new creation that slips right into Doc Martens and rocks some doorknocker earrings as it bops along. On this refix, multiple key changes take place as it begins as a lush R&B groove and then zips into the skittish delight of Miami bass with snatches of ’90s era samples in its folds. Now no offense to Kimbra, who never brings a dull moment, but the original just didn’t court and spark like this trappy number does, as even her signature operatic chirps feel much more at home amongst the zany groove maze that M-Phazes has set up.

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