Jazmine Sullivan Gets Real In Second Episode Of 'Reality Show' Web Series


Jazmine Sullivan's Reality Show is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated album releases for the second half of 2014. There's no release date yet and we've still only heard the first single "Dumb" featuring Meek Mill in full, but in her latest Reality Show web series episode we're treated to a few snippets of new tunes. The fresh flavors for our ears all sound great, but in this webisode entitled "Spirit" it's what Jazmine has to say to her fans that's the real tea.

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Sullivan shares that she was having a really tough time around the time that she took her break from the music industry. She moved away from her family and friends, fell for a Mr. Wrong and had even contemplated doing drugs just to make it through. Despite her time in the valley, Jazmine didn't dwell there and she pulled herself and her life together with a renewed faith in God. And here she is stronger, healthier, happier and ready to release her third and most personal album. This is one Reality Show we will definitely be tuning in to.

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