Jarell Perry Will Give You 'Butterflies' On This Michael Jackson Cover


It’s an unwritten rule: Don’t mess with musical perfection -- especially the works of a revered musical icon -- UNLESS you come correct. We’re already fans of Jarell Perry’s covers so far this year, which include songs by Sade, Beyoncé and Drake. He seems to have a knack for using ethereal synth-driven arrangements at just the right tempo to infuse a new level of sensuality to the original songs.

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Given his proven track record, I was eager to hear what he did with Michael Jackson’s “Butterflies.” Rest easy, folks, and let me assure you that once again Perry’s version does not disappoint. What makes this rendition unique is not so much what he added, but, more so, what he stripped away. The familiarity of the heavily-syncopated drum rhythm and the funk of the bassline are gone. Certain lyrics are noticeably absent from the first verse, and the bridge (“If you would take my hand...”) was removed completely. But as he seductively teases with the line “I just wanna touch you,” you’ll realize that this track still hits all the right notes.

Listen to Jarell spread his MJ-inspired wings, and check out his latest original music by purchasing his EP, White, directly from Perry.

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