How Many 'Options' Does Luke James Really Have?

Luke James In Black And Grey Sweater

After coming down from his greatest year yet, it looks like Luke James is finally ready to share his debut album Made To Love with us all. Somehow he found time after touring the globe with Mrs. Carter to put the final touches on this long awaited project, and now he’s letting loose the first single “Options.” Starting off strong with Luke repeatedly crooning “this lyric is a miracle, and a blessing, and a problem” over the softest piano chords, the song manages to find the perfect balance between hip-hop and R&B elements as it eventually gets heavier with the help of a trap beat drum pattern. The New Orleans native sings of the darker side of love as he apologizes for his wrongs and searches for the answer as to what the next step is in a tumultuous relationship. While the strokes of the piano keys offer the perfect foundation for Luke to build upon vocally, the same goes for the drum pattern as Rick Ross joins in on the soulful affair and spits a bar or two. All in all, James does not disappoint this time around and honestly, he hasn’t yet. Grab a copy of “Options” off of iTunes today, and join us as we patiently await the release of Made To Love.

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