'Get Ready' For The S.O.S. Band's Return

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With hits under their belt like "Just Be Good to Me," "Tell Me (If You Still Care)" and "Finest" under their belt, The S.O.S. Band are verified legends in the R&B world. But don't think that the group is content to just sit back and bask in their legendary status.

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The band has released a new single, "Just Get Ready," and it sounds every bit of what you'd expect from the crew. With producer Wirlie Morris taking over duties, "Just Get Ready" is very reminiscent of the group's '80s output with producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis ("Just Be Good To Me" in particular), but still keeps things fairly modern with a few crisp additions. But the best part is that the group's singer, Mary Davis, is front and center, with her vocals sounding as if they haven't aged since the group's heyday.

If you've been jonesing to hear the group do it right like they used to do, then this one is definitely for you. Go ahead and press play and stay tuned to see what else the band will have in store. [H/T: ST]

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