Gabriel Garzón-Montano Keeps It Moving In 'Keep On Running'


Earlier this year, newcomer Gabriel Garzón-Montano hit the ground running with his EP, Bishouné: Alma del Huila. It wasa solid debut that placed him on our Bounce-Worthy radar.

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With technological advances readily available for use, Garzón-Montano is unique in that he personally plays most of the sounds you hear throughout the album and records the "old-fashioned way" on two-inch tape (in other words, analog vs. digital). So it's fitting that he sought the aid of multimedia visual artist Ryan Bock to bring the song "Keep On Running" to life on screen. Like Garzón-Montano, Bock prefers analog to digital, so the creative dynamic duo set out to deliver something memorable.

The result is a dystopian-themed stop-motion short film entirely drawn, cut and animated by hand. The puppet imagery is almost haunting in its portrayal of societal norms and our daily hustle to keep up with the pack as we run life's rat race. Particularly effective are the final images where all of that painstaking work goes up in flames. It sends a powerful message about the impermanence of material pursuits. Whether you only view it once or opt to view it multiple times, this film leaves a lasting impression.

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Take a look at the impressive visuals below. If you'd like to hear more from the artist, Bishouné: Alma del Huila is available for purchase (digital download or 12" Vinyl) through the Styles Upon Styles Bandcamp page.

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