DJ Mustard Can't Even Help Robin Thicke 'Get Her Back'

Robin Thicke In Black Suit And Glasses

Robin Thicke is still on his “please baby, baby please” campaign and he hasn’t missed a beat yet. Next week marks the release of his seventh studio album Paula, and it’s already turning out to be nothing more than a grandiose pity party, as he has dedicated all of his studio time to either trying to win back his wife Paula Patton or vying for the sympathy of his band of female listeners. Either way, what better way to get your wife’s attention than with a remix crafted by DJ Mustard.

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Jumping off with his famous “mustard on the beat hoe” introduction, young Dijon McFarlane turns up Thicke’s slow jam just a notch and gives it just enough umph to make it worth playing on any given sweet summer night. While I’m not interested in Robin’s public display of desperation, there’s no denying the two-step when this remix eases its way out of the speakers. Here’s to DJ Mustard and the way he has managed to present a variety of undeniably stellar work. As for Robin Thicke, Paula drops on July 1st, and it's available for pre-order via iTunes now.

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