Did We 'Luv This' August Alsina, Trey Songz & Chris Brown Performance At BET Awards '14 ?


August Alsina not only stepped on stage at the BET Awards '14 to accept two trophies last night, but he also performed at the big event and it ended up being a pretty big deal to some when the NOLA new jack was joined by two of Virginia's finest. Before his two surprise guests trotted out, however, August started his set with his song "Kissin' On My Tattoos" and was accompanied by an aerial ribbon dancer who took to the air to perform an acrobatic routine suspended by two flowing pieces of red fabric. Three to four years ago, that routine would have been awe-inspiring and maybe if August himself had gotten up there to do the stunt and sing, like singers P!nk and Algebra Blessett have done during their acts,  we'd be impressed. Alas, we weren't.

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The road to mediocrity didn't end there. Alsina segued into his hit song "I Luv This S**t" and the shortcomings of his voice were all too evident. Thankfully, his surprise guest Trey Songz appeared to take over the song's reins and he did a decent job. Decent enough to sound better than Alsina, which isn't saying much. What was the talk of this pairing, however, was the fact that these two were on stage together after they'd been rumored to have some sort of beef. They put aside any differences for the sake of the BET Awards and even dapped each other up mid-song. To close out the track, Chris Brown came up from the audience to join the other fellas on stage and sing a few lines. Could this be the makings of a new supergroup? Somehow we don't think that TGT has anything to worry about.

Since both Breezy and August had gotten time to shine on the solo tip, Trey couldn't be left out, so he capped this way-too-long segment with a performance of his popular song "NaNa" with some very flexible and scantily clad dancers in tow. They were, quite honestly, more interesting than his vocals, which lacked power and depth -- in other words, the usual.

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