Avery*Sunshine Wants You To Answer Her 'Call'


Prior to last week’s debut of her highly-anticipated sophomore LP, The Sunroom, SoulBounce fave Avery*Sunshine released the album’s first single, “Call My Name,” much to the delight of her fans. Though she’s currently busy touring and promoting the album, we’re so glad she still had time to create this stunning visual accompaniment for the track, directed by Konee Rok.

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Set in a darkened venue, as the camera focuses on a solitary spotlight, the “sunshine” metaphor is quite effective as we get our first glimpse of the artist. Even in a dark room, Ms. Sunshine (looking flawless, I might add) manages to #ShineNoMatterWhat. As she emotively sings to an unseen (or nonexistent) audience, the director creatively uses shadow imagery to give us a glimpse into her unraveling relationship. Meanwhile, Avery delivers a passionate performance wrought with heartache.

Can this love be restored? Watch these gripping visuals to see for yourself. Then head to your favorite music retailer to purchase a copy of The Sunroom today. Better yet, check Avery*Sunshine out on tour so you can call her name in person.

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