Anita Nicole Comes Back Around With ‘Gone’

Anita Nicole

Last year, Anita Nicole came onto the scene with the quiet storm jam “Ecstasy.” The video for the tune was followed up months later by the very soulful and house-flavored “Patience.” But with summer approaching again and the artist promising a new EP in the near future, Anita Nicole has gifted us with yet another great offering, which will be included on that forthcoming set.

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“Gone” is more of the lounge-fitting, groove-driven house music of the soul variety that made “Patience” so pleasing to the ear. Here, a minimalist four-on-the-floor beat is colored with a hand drum, shaded in cymbals and outlined by the quirky acoustics that jazz it up while sometimes taking it into darkness.

And let’s not forget the talented 20-year-old’s voice, which exhibits a balance between veteran-sounding soul and rookie-level enthusiasm. Together, these traits blend in a congruous manner to give “Gone” its funk and floor appeal, as well as make us want to hear more from the singer.

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