Ameriie Is Back And Knows 'What' She Wants

Ameriie Yellow Wall

Well welcome back, Ameriie! After staying off the musical radar for a few years, the "Why Don't We Fall in Love" singer is back on the block and ready to rock with her new single, "What I Want." A colorful, funky track created around a sample of the Incredible Bongo Band's "Apache" (perhaps most known for being incorporated in the Sugarhill Gang's track of the same name), "What I Want" finds Ameriie loud and feisty as she lays out exactly what she wants from her man. The song's go-go sound will instantly remind you of Ameriie's "1 Thing" days when she and producer-in-crime Rich Harrison crafted a sound that would go on to inspire more than a few other hits on the R&B charts in the years to come, though there's no word on if Rich had a hand in producing the songstress this go-round.

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The track's lyric video is just as colorful as the song itself, with the lyrics flashing and swirling across the screen in Technicolor glory (in fact, it might be a bit too colorful for some, as the clip comes with a warning for potential viewers with epilepsy). But even if you don't look directly at the clip, you'll want to let it play in the background, as this is definitely a return to form from the Ameriie that we came to know and love.

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